Fruchtgummi Schokolade Bonbons Kekse

Marketing Consultancy

Companies are under a significant budget and competitive pressure that forces them to optimize cost and effectiveness of their marketing activities. The solution of the problem can expand in three directions: improvement of the targeting, simplification of the product range and increase of market opportunities.

  • Identification and optimum use
    of market opportunities
  • More effective use of already
    existing resources
  • Implementation of
    market-oriented processes
  • Qualified growth

Innovation Management

By innovation management we mean the systematic planning, monitoring and control of innovations. In contrast to creativity which deals with the development of product ideas innovation management focuses also on the realization of ideas as well as their implementation in economically successful products.

  • Trend analysis
  • Conceptual diversity
  • Product development
  • New technologies
  • New business areas
  • Guaranteed unique position


Restructuring and change are closely interrelated – a static market and a functioning strategy for decades no longer exist. Therefore actively assisted and major changes of direction are essential.

In this situation professional advice and support in all business processes are important for the successful future of your company.

  • Right-sizing projects
  • Focus Factory
  • Outsourcing models
  • Business strategies