Fruchtgummi Schokolade Bonbons Kekse

Personal background - Dieter Schoß

Born in 1944
1970 – 1973 Regional sales manager of Mäurer & Wirtz (cosmetics)
1973 – 1980 National sales manager of Cadbury-Schweppes Germany (chocolate and drinks) Head of sales promotion (chocolate and drinks)
Marketing and sales director Austria (drinks)
1981 – 1983 Marketing and sales director of Susi-Card (gift cards and gift articles)
1983 – 1996 Founder, managing partner and executive director of Gummi Bear Factory (fruit gum)
1996 – 1998 Executive director of Van Houten for production, technology and materials management (chocolate and fruit gum)
1999 – today Managing partner and executive director of Sweet Planet GmbH (confectionery consulting)